This website tries to centralise all the info you may need during the Covid 19 pandemic for people and businesses around Hay-on-Wye from Talgarth to Peterchurch.

It’s a community work in progress and we need help to gather all these data. Feel free to share and you are very welcome to send us your comments, ideas, or even take part in the website to improve it, using the form on the right hand side or email: info@hayonwye.info.

You’ll find many statements from businesses in your area, on this site. The statements on this site are copies from various sources, mainly social media, provided to inform the public of the status of the business, at the time that the post was made. Once you’ve found a service or business that you wish to use, it is recommended you check the business contact list for the contact details of your chosen business – and contact them via their email or telephone – rather than reply to the posts on this site with your question or order. We can only supply information that we’ve found online or through interaction with local businesses, and cannot forward your requests to the businesses for you.

We hope everyone is staying well and contented during this difficult time.

(Antoine, Lief & James – this site’s editors)